Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What does my art room look like?

For me summer vacation is an enticing time filled will travel, iced coffee, sunshine, and TIME TO READ!!!!, but sometimes transitioning from my school's every day rhythm into summer vacay is a challenge for me. The end of the school year is always such a busy time filled with field days, returning work, art room supply clean-up, organization. Year end good-byes seem to happen in an instant and the energy that propelled an entire 180 days comes to an abrupt halt. School's been out for less one week and in order to provide myself with some personal closure to the school year, I felt compelled to make some art about our art room adventures this year.

"What does your classroom look like?" is a common question asked to many prospective teachers during interviews. Well, a picture's worth one thousand words, so here is my answer in a visual format!

Blogger friends, do any of you ever use the sights, sounds, conversations, artwork from your classroom as inspiration for your own art work?

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  1. Hi Sunnylee

    What an ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS work of art!!!!! I am pinning it just so I won't forget. I love the monochromatic students, your rainbow pots, that Phyl's dragon?

    Hope you are enjoying your summer.