About Me

Hello there!

Welcome to Coral vs. Salmon. My name is Ms. Mowery. I am an art teacher in a bustling K-6 art room on the New York/Pennsylvania border. 

I graduated from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA in the December of 2007 with a BFA in Painting & Drawing. I am certified to teach art in both Pennsylvania and New York State. 

Why Coral vs. Salmon? 

Many years ago, during my first year of teaching, two young boys in 3rd grade burst into the art room practically tripping over themselves to ask me a question about color. During their bus ride to school, they got involved in a heated debate as to whether the color coral was the virtually the same as the color salmon. I got out some paint and demonstrated how to mix each color, emphasizing the very subtle difference in color ratios. The moment served as a pivotal moment for me as a teacher. The boys' excitement about color was invigorating to me and the fact that they came to me as a color authority warmed my heart. I decided to dedicate the intention of this blog to the spirit of inquiry those boys brought to me that morning and the excitement I believe every student brings to the art table.

-Ms. Mowery



  1. I really appreciate that the name of your blog comes from such a terrific teachable moment! I have added you to my blogroll (and also posted your link on my own blog - DreamPrayCreate.com) and I am so looking forward to seeing the things you do in your class. :)

  2. Hi Miss M, love the reason why you began your inquiry based art blog. After 2 years as a classroom teacher, I stumbled upon my old blog Imagine Explore Create and saw your lovely comment that you left just over 12 months ago. It is a real challenge to be a classroom teacher after being an Italian language teacher for 17 years and then an Art teacher for 7 years. To be honest I do miss teaching art. Art feels by soul and makes me very happy and grounded. Our school has not given up on Art, we still have a program which is great. I have learnt so much being a classroom teacher and I have worked and am working with amazing educators. The biggest gift I have received, is bonding with my students. Learning about their strengths and weakness and then how to reach each and every individually. It's very challenging and extremely satisfying. I do hope to return to Art one day.. I've just come back from a US trip. Visited New York and California. Absolutely loved it especially the art galleries in New York. I will have to go back and see more. Good luck and cheers! Anna