Sunday, April 1, 2012

Surrealist Collage

6th Grade artists recently finished up a lesson on Salvador Dali and the Surrealists. We combined found images from magazines and calendars to create a new scene with a surreal feel. I first saw this lesson done with the cooperating teacher I worked with when I was doing my student teaching in a suburb of Philadelphia. I started out by showing a short video clip from the "Get Surreal" production released by the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. My art teacher idol, Phyl over at There's A Dragon in My Art Room suggested using this video.

I plan on purchasing the DVD for next year, but for this year, a condensed version of the film exists on YouTube. My students were pretty awestruck by Dali's life and work. They remarked that they thought his work was "weird," "bizarre," "strange" and quickly embraced the potential for absurdity this lesson allows for.


  1. Sunnylee-

    These look fabulous (and mind bending)! I bet your students enjoyed making them.

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog - you should have left a comment sooner so I would have found your blog sooner! I used to check out every follower and see if they were bloggers too, but when the numbers got too large I gave up. Sorry I missed out on your blog for so long!

    Anyhow - 2 things: first of all, your kids did a GREAT job on their collages, and second of all, you do not need to PURCHASE the Get Surreal video. It is free to educators! Simply contact them (I think you can do it via the education tab on the museum website, or by calling - I've had the video for 3 years now so I don't remember what I did) and they will send it to you FREE!!! The whole video is 1/2 hour long and really worth every minute. The kids love it. BUT - preview it before showing since there's a little 'naked booby' in there and you need to prepare the giggly kids. :)