Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Halloween Costume? Check!

I know it's not even mid September, but I promised myself I would come home directly after school and finalize the plans for my Halloween costume. Last year, during my first year of teaching at my school, I made the huge faux pas of not being adequately prepared for the festivities. What I didn't know is there is a highly competitive teacher costume tradition. My colleagues "bring it" when it comes to Halloween. The entire school, grades K-6 and staff participate in a costume parade that goes all the way around the outside of the school that the entire community comes to see. This year I vowed I would make amends and do something big!

I came home and whipped up this design inspired by "The Persistence of Memory" by Salvador Dali.

I found this great picture of a dainty, yet boldly surreal hat here for sale in an adorable UK Etsy shop called Soobird. I think this is breathtakingly awesome but unfortunately, it is way out of my price-range. My plan is to borrow elements of the hat, creating the sculptural branch and melting clocks out of Model Magic or Sculpey clay.

I was able to create some "Persistence of Memory" fabric using Spoonflower, a website where you can make and purchase custom fabrics. I ordered 3 yards for the skirt of the dress and I am literally counting the days until it will arrive at my doorstep. 

This weekend I will go shopping for plastic ants (eeek!), feathers, the most surreal belt I can find, and hopefully on my travels I will find something that can serve as the large creepy eyelashes.

Fellow Art Teachers: Do you dress up for Halloween? What did you go as last year? What are your plans for this year?


  1. I LOVE costumes! Too bad our school district frowns on anything Halloweenish.....Can't wait to see your dress and hat!

  2. So jealous! You are actually printing your own fabric on Spoonflower? I see museum gift shop tote bags in your future. I'm in the same situation as Pat - we are discouraged from doing Halloween at our site :(

  3. How great you can celebrate! Those days are LONG gone in our district...we're even discouraged from having references to it in artwork assignments. So sad...

  4. I hear you all on that front. I did my student teaching mostly in schools located in the city or nearby suburbs where all things Halloween were absolutely out of the question. I was definitely caught off guard last year and underprepared when I was the only one in my new school who was costume-less! I looked like a real stick in the mud. I will use any excuse to dress up like a painting.:)

  5. My first Halloween at the high school was a similar experience. Most of the staff was dressing in college attire so I followed suit but my students let me know immediately that they expected more from me as the art teacher. I haven't dropped the ball since. This year I am going as a Dia de los Muertos Bride. Anxious to see your costume all completed!!