Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Impromtu Bookfair Mural

"Many hands make light work!" --Jean Heyden

Last week two sensational moms came up to visit the art room. They were involved in organizing the school's book fair which is happening this week and they were wondering if the art room might lend a hand to help advertise and build excitement for the literary mega-event. Of course, we were delighted to chip in! We set to work and in two days we were able to make a billboard-sized, show stopping mural that is "gi-mungous!" Deadlines usually give me the howling fantods, but this time the brisk pace that this project required inspired some truly spontaneous painting and it was just downright fun! The kids love book fair week and were psyched to have a chance to promote the cause with their brushstrokes!


  1. Beautiful! I would want to keep it up all year round! Outstanding job!

  2. Hi Sunylee,

    I read your comment on Ren's blog and just wanted to let you know that you can buy CHEAP knee high nylons at WalMart or the Dollar Store. They sell multi-packs for cheap!


  3. LOVE this!! Break out the black lights!!! ;)